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Service Client on the Mechanism of Metal Cogwheels.

LY Century Property Services will take care of all aspects of your property investment to save you time and effort, while at the same time working towards your long term objectives of capital growth and tax management.


–  We are working with REINSW and TICA (NSW tenancy database) closely and we carefully evaluate all applicants so we can recommend the very best tenant for your property.
–  Regular inspections carried out on apartments to ensure they are being maintained by the tenants.
–  We have extended “Open for Leasing” times on all properties at times open 7 days per week.
–  No monthly admin fees, advertising fees, bank fees or any other hidden services fee.
–  Itemized monthly statement, comprehensive End of Financial Year statement prepared for Landlords to assist with their tax return at no charge.


We manage your property like it’s our own.



LY Century Property Services is a licensed real estate agency. We offer first class services by connecting local and overseas clients through an established network.

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P: +61 8040 2922
F: +61 9844 5445
E: Info@lycentury.com.au
A: Sydney Citigroup Center, Level 13, 2 Park Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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