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Holding house keys on house shaped keychain in front of a new home
LY Century Property Services is focused on offering our clients outstanding service across Sydney. We are working to deliver the best possible results.
Our market knowledge and experience is built from on-the-ground experience. We understand what people are looking for in a property and we use this knowledge to market your property.
Our role is not just to sell your property, it is to deliver a premium price. The best price happens in the first 30 days on market. We put everything into that.
If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to speak to you.



LY Century Property Services is a licensed real estate agency. We offer first class services by connecting local and overseas clients through an established network.

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P: +61 8040 2922
F: +61 9844 5445
E: Info@lycentury.com.au
A: Sydney Citigroup Center, Level 13, 2 Park Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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